JAW Leather Goods Blog moving…

Hey there, I know this has been my blog for a very long time, and I appreciate all the folks who follow it!  I am attempting to integrate all things under one umbrella though, and now my blog will be an actual part of my website, as opposed to this external system.  You can go ahead and subscribe to it there if you would like to continue receiving updates, and check out my new website in the meantime, which I think is pretty sweet.  You can check it out here: JAW Leather Goods.  Thanks again for your support, and hopefully this will make things easier.  I will be doing my best to update the blog a little more often, with more interesting stuff.  Thanks!



Back to work

ive been on and off working a bit this summer, but am officially back to work!  Feel free to email me your custom ideas and questions!   


Leather knife rolls

just an update since its been awhile.  I’ve been going through all kinds of crazy stuff lately, but am very happy to say that I am in remission from Hodgkin’s lymphoma!  It’s been two frustrating years but things are finally looking up.  I will be working on some new stuff and updates to my site and shop.  Keep your eyes peeled for a new 7 slot roll coming sometime in the next couple months for around $220.  It’s been something I get asked about a lot, so it’s about time.  Thank you all for your continued support, and I hope to really change things in the jaw Leather world over the next year or so.  

Thanks again for buying my stuff!

Leather Bags

Got a few messenger/carryall bags sitting around the shop that I haven’t been able to list in the shop yet!  Ill be adding them to the shop this week, but feel free to email me to grab one if you want it!  There will be more than these too coming:

First is a bag made entirely out of some beautiful shrunken bison leather.  The particular cut features a very cool area of the hide on the flap, it has a ton of texture, and looks very rustic.  About 14.5″ x 11.5″ x 4″, with attached shoulder strap.  Unlined, and features two large pockets on the front, and two more large pockets inside.  $225


Second one is made of mostly reddish brown Horween Chromexcel.  The gusset is a softer oil tan leather and strap is oil tanned cowhide.  Dimensions are about 15″ x 12″ x 4″ with attached shoulder strap.  This one is pretty large and can fit a lot of stuff, has two pockets outside and two pockets inside.  $275


I have one Large knife roll available in shrunken bison leather.  I may be adding this item to the shop, and will only have a couple, so if you really want one, shoot me an email!  Same set up as my regular 10 slot roll.  $289


And lastly, this is just a really cool custom bag I made for someone recently.  Full shrunken bison lined with heavy canvas.  Zip top under the flap.  This was a really cool project.   Just throwing out there what I can do custom.  If you are looking for a custom bag, shoot me an email and we can make it happen.  Something like the bag pictured below costs around $400-$450 depending on the size, this one was large.


My email is JAWLeathergoods@gmail.com, get in touch!   Visit JAWLeatherGoods.com too, I made  new site that is still in progress, but looking better!


Food Network Magazine

My roll was featured in Food Network Magazine this month in an article about Gabriele Corcos and his lovely wife Debi Mazar, who host the show Extra Virgin on The Cooking Channel.  Gabriele is a very cool dude, and I thank him very much for making this happen!  Check out the whole article here: FN Magazine Feb 2015

FN Magazine Feb 2015

In other news, things have been changing all the time with me health wise.  My last post was quite a while ago, and I was on the road to an autologous bone marrow transplant… Well that never happened.  I lost candidacy at the very last minute due to some new progression seen on my scans.  So now, I am on a new drug (called Afinitor) that will hopefully lead to an Allogeneic (donor) bone marrow transplant sometime in the nearish future.  I learned that I have several potential donor matches in the registry, which is great news!  I will go ahead and update when I know more, as after the transplant I could be off work for up to a year.  Thanks everyone for their support over the last year and a half especially, it’s been a very challenging time for me and everyone’s patience and kindness has helped a lot.  Take care everyone!

Also, I have a brand new website at jawleathergoods.com!  its not actually that different, but it’s a little nicer, and I will be adding new stuff to the shop soon, which I will post here.

Oh and also also, I am now on Tumblr.  I dunno if any of you are, but I will probably post more there than here, so follow me there at jawleather.tumblr.com.  And if you don’t, also follow me on Instagram, at jawleathergoods.


Back to work!

So jeez, the last two months have been seriously crazy!   About a week before I was supposed to go to UCLA for a bone marrow transplant, I had a scan that showed disease progression through the chemo that I was doing, rendering me ineligible for the transplant for the time being.  Last week I started on a whole new type of treatment, which is a targeted antibody therapy that is very new, and really cool actually.  The Hodgkin’s cells have a certain protein on the outside of them that the antibody attaches to, and delivers a poison.  The idea is that it only effects Hodgkin’s cells, so there are fewer side effects than traditional chemo.  It seems to be very promising for Hodgkin’s patients with chemo-resistant disease like me.

Anyways, the shop is back open, and I really have no idea when or if I will be headed to UCLA.  Should be here working for at least a couple months, so hopefully I’ll be doing Christmas orders this year!  I have a whole new shop, it’s now at jawleathergoods.bigcartel.com.  The “SHOP” link on my website is changed and will link you there as well.

Thank you all for the support over the last year!  It’s been crazy, and I have some cool projects coming up that I am excited about.

I have some wallets at blow out prices too that are up on the shop, some waxed flesh chromexcel ones, and one last tumbled red horsehide one for the time being!