Food Network Magazine

My roll was featured in Food Network Magazine this month in an article about Gabriele Corcos and his lovely wife Debi Mazar, who host the show Extra Virgin on The Cooking Channel.  Gabriele is a very cool dude, and I thank him very much for making this happen!  Check out the whole article here: FN Magazine Feb 2015

FN Magazine Feb 2015

In other news, things have been changing all the time with me health wise.  My last post was quite a while ago, and I was on the road to an autologous bone marrow transplant… Well that never happened.  I lost candidacy at the very last minute due to some new progression seen on my scans.  So now, I am on a new drug (called Afinitor) that will hopefully lead to an Allogeneic (donor) bone marrow transplant sometime in the nearish future.  I learned that I have several potential donor matches in the registry, which is great news!  I will go ahead and update when I know more, as after the transplant I could be off work for up to a year.  Thanks everyone for their support over the last year and a half especially, it’s been a very challenging time for me and everyone’s patience and kindness has helped a lot.  Take care everyone!

Also, I have a brand new website at!  its not actually that different, but it’s a little nicer, and I will be adding new stuff to the shop soon, which I will post here.

Oh and also also, I am now on Tumblr.  I dunno if any of you are, but I will probably post more there than here, so follow me there at  And if you don’t, also follow me on Instagram, at jawleathergoods.


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