Times have changed in the online leather working community.  Over the last several years, so many great blogs, tutorial youtube channels, and helpful people sharing great content on how to do a whole range of challenging leather working techniques have changed the whole landscape.  Easy access to quality tools and leather have blown this craft up into an accessible hobby for many, many people.  Almost 10 years ago, when I started leather working around 2009, there was just about none of this.  There was really one online resource to learn about leather craft, and that was  A wide range of folks, from hobbyists to professionals, shared their projects, tips and tricks, and deeper info about machinery and where to source quality leather.

When I bought my first leather sewing machine, a Juki LU-563 compound feed walking foot, was pretty much the only place where I could get any info about which machine to get, how to fix it when it broke, and pros and cons of different types of machines.  This was huge, to be able to ask questions, share projects and get feedback, and help others with their questions made it feel like a real community.  Nowadays, there are so many different blogs where you can learn how to make high end bags, wallets and other projects that I couldn’t have dreamed of back then.  So, I just want to give thanks to everyone who has put in all the work to figure all this stuff out and post videos, blogs and all kinds of amazing resources that I have subsequently used to grow my craft over the years.  It is now so easy to get great leather, tools, and guidance that it is easy to forget how in the dark things used to be.  I still browse the “Show Off” section of once in a while, just to see what folks are up to, and it’s great to see new people finding leatherwork info and feedback the same way I did.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I totally get where you’re coming from with the explosion of online resources. When I first started getting into costume prop making there was really only one site too (TheRPF). But now you can get info everywhere, including from sites you would have never expected like Instagram and Facebook!

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