Leather Bags

Got a few messenger/carryall bags sitting around the shop that I haven’t been able to list in the shop yet!  Ill be adding them to the shop this week, but feel free to email me to grab one if you want it!  There will be more than these too coming:

First is a bag made entirely out of some beautiful shrunken bison leather.  The particular cut features a very cool area of the hide on the flap, it has a ton of texture, and looks very rustic.  About 14.5″ x 11.5″ x 4″, with attached shoulder strap.  Unlined, and features two large pockets on the front, and two more large pockets inside.  $225


Second one is made of mostly reddish brown Horween Chromexcel.  The gusset is a softer oil tan leather and strap is oil tanned cowhide.  Dimensions are about 15″ x 12″ x 4″ with attached shoulder strap.  This one is pretty large and can fit a lot of stuff, has two pockets outside and two pockets inside.  $275


I have one Large knife roll available in shrunken bison leather.  I may be adding this item to the shop, and will only have a couple, so if you really want one, shoot me an email!  Same set up as my regular 10 slot roll.  $289


And lastly, this is just a really cool custom bag I made for someone recently.  Full shrunken bison lined with heavy canvas.  Zip top under the flap.  This was a really cool project.   Just throwing out there what I can do custom.  If you are looking for a custom bag, shoot me an email and we can make it happen.  Something like the bag pictured below costs around $400-$450 depending on the size, this one was large.


My email is JAWLeathergoods@gmail.com, get in touch!   Visit JAWLeatherGoods.com too, I made  new site that is still in progress, but looking better!


Red Horsehide Chromexcel now available for wallets, small items

I have some very interesting leather available in very limited quantities.  Some horween horse butt that is brown with a striking red pull-up.  This means that it appears brown, but when you move it around, the areas that are moved come up a bright red color.  It’s very beautiful, and unusual.  Shoot me an email if you are interested in a wallet, or other small item made of this leather, the butts are small, so no bags or knife rolls unfortunately.  Here’s some photos, very hard to get the color right.


A little primer on horse butt:

Horse butts are a long strip that seperates the front quarters of the horse (ususally used for garments), from the Shell Cordovan, which is the most prized piece of horse hide, and is actually the butt cheeks of the horse.  The horse butt (more like horse hips) is a very tight grained, heavy leather that doesn’t stretch very much, and is extremelely durable.  Its probably the single best leather I’ve ever worked with for wallet outsides.  All of my wallet styles are avialable in either this red horsehide, or brown horsehide with natural vegetable tanned calfskin insides.

Horsehide is one of those very unique materials that is very uncommon, yet stunning.  These are tanned by Horween tannery in Chicago, Il in their “chromexcel” style meaning that it is hot stuffed with greases and waxes that are solid at room temerature, making the leather very water resistant and waxy.  As for me, it’s a personal favorite.

Have a good one,