Leather knife roll process


So a while back I took some photos to document the creation of some knife rolls, I typically make them one at a time, but this was a lot of ten total, six of them brown.  This is a very abridged version of how they are made.  I hope to have a very detailed “how its made” post soon, but this will have to suffice for now.  Anyways, enjoy!


Three small and three large knife rolls completed.

All these pieces are cut by hand, one at a time.  There are eight individual pieces cut out for each large sized knife roll.  The buckles have been attached to the straps, and hand stitched to secure before machine stitching.

Every slot is measured and marked one at a time by hand.

A small knife roll getting its inside pocket sewn in.  The thread gets backstitched three or four times, then the ends clicked and melted to keep them from unraveling.


Each knife roll gets a hell of a lot of work put into it, and I hope this helps you all appreciate the time taken to make sure everything is perfect.  Enjoy the photos, I hope to do a step by step in depth process post soon, so stay tuned!

leather chef knife rolls

It’s been a while since I posted some knife roll photos.  First, here is Chef Jensen Lorensen’s knife roll, which is the first JAW Leather Knife Roll ever made.  Still looks great!  He stopped by for a busted snap, and I got rid of the straps that go across the knives, as they really serve no function, and added a little strap at top for his scissors.

And here’s a group shot of some small rolls ready to ship out:

I will be taking some photos today of a brand new large knife roll, as there are a few new changes that I think make it the most functional and beautiful knife rolls available anywhere.



Just some new bike stuff I have finished recently.  This stuff will be available at SLO Rides in downtown San Luis in the next week or so… more on that coming soon.

two different photos of the same bags, neither really capture the color very well, they are actually a charcoal gray:

More bike stuff coming soon.  The tool bags are available in the two colors pictured, for $85, or natural for $75 by email.  The panniers are available by email also for $350 a set for the style pictured, although colors available will be dark brown, or black.  Other colors available upon request, prices will vary accordingly.  Any custom order is also welcome, anything is possible!