Horween Shell Cordovan wallet blow out

So I happen to have a few very cool one of a kind Shell Cordovan wallets that are sitting around, and I finally got time to snap some photos.  These are probably the last Shell wallets I will have for sale until the new year, so swoop em up before someone else does!
So first off, I have this sleek card holder.  Three card slots, super slim, great for the front or back pocket.  Measures 4″ x 2.6″ closed.  Buy it here, or shoot me an email:


Second up, I have a beautiful billfold with a hand punched detail on the front.   Six card slots, the inside is made of natural vegetable tanned calf skin, it measures 3.15″ x 3.75″ closed.  Read more about it or buy it here, or email me:


Next is another with the hand punched one of a kind detail on the front, but have a different style card set up inside.  It has six vertical slots, and measures 4″ x 3.75″ closed.  Buy it here:


You can email me at JAWLeatherGoods@gmail.com for any more details, or questions you may have.  Have a great day!



Horween Shell Cordovan

So I finally have Shell Cordovan back in stock!  It’s been a while, and it’s good to have it back.  I have changed the layout of the wallet to what I believe to be a more practical inside layout, still with six card slots.  You can grab one up right here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/84508145/genuine-horween-shell-cordovan-handmade.  Priced at $119, this is truly an amazing wallet. 

If you are saying “what the heck is Shell Cordovan?”  Here is a basic outline for you:

Shell Cordovan is the one of the rarest and most sought after leathers in the world.  It is a set of two “shells” that come from the hind quarters of a horse, ranging from 1 – 3 square feet each.  They are tanned using a process that takes six months from start to finish, and are hand dyed and hot stuffed.  This extremely limited yield per hide, and the fact that Horween is the only tannery in the USA still tanning shells make them very expensive.  The shell actually sits under the top grain of the leather, and it is shaved off to expose the shell.  The grain is so tight though, that the leather is extremely smooth both front and back.  There is truly nothing else like it in the world.  It is extremely hard wearing, and is known to develop a stunning, unique patina with use over time. 


So swoop one up before I run out and have to wait another two months for my shipment from horween to arrive! 



Wallets continued

Heres todays wallet. Large shell detail, Hermann Oak natural cowhide, and natural vegetable tanned pigskin pockets.  It sits nice and flat because the pigskin is very light, yet very strong:

New wallets available out of a very pretty Horween Chromexcel horse butt. The outside comes from the part trimmed away to get Shell Cordovan. It is super strong, and has a really pretty grain. This particular color is a really nice, waxy brown color. Available on Etsy and soon on JAWLeatherGoods.com:

Horween Shell Cordovan Wallets

The Etsy store is re-stocked with Horween Shell Cordovan Wallets. I’ve had a good amount of interest in them since they went away, and am finally at a point where I can get them going again. For those not familiar with Shell Cordovan, it is one of the rarest and most expensive leathers in the world. It is highly sought after for it’s beauty and almost unbelievable durability. I will be offering billfolds in Color #8 (a dark burgundy that most people associate with Cordovan) only.

From Horween:

Genuine Shell Cordovan is the art of tanning at its finest. More than just a color, it is a very specific leather, from a particular part of a horsehide. The irregular oval shaped shells are tanned, stuffed, shaved, and then polished – a process taking six months. Each shell is slowly steeped in gentle vegetable liquors. The shells are genuine hot stuffed then slicked onto glass frames to dry. Each shell is hand curried and shaved by highly skilled artisans to expose the shell. Dyes are hand rubbed on for a deep aniline finish. Finally, the shells are hand glazed to achieve the rich, glossy look and feel prized by fine craftsmen.

I am always excited to work with such an exceptional product, and am happy to be offering these wallets again. Head over to the shop and pick one up and join the cultish following this leather has.