Tooling, Purses, and a little Christmas talk

tooling is something I’ve been doing for fun for a while now, mainly for fun.  It is super addictive, and can be very expressive in a very specific way – there is no other art form quite like it.  It has taken me a while to get to point where I am happy enough with it to actually share it with everyone, and I am hoping in the near future to begin offering one of a kind tooled wallets every once in a while when I have the time to do them.  These two I finished up yesterday, and they will be for sale at Ambiance in downtown SLO pretty soon.  Stop by and check them out, I also have some purses and other wallets in there as well.  The large one will be selling for $220, and the smaller size will be $165.

I would love some feedback, let me know if you all would be interested in more wallets like these!  I will be doing some more smaller men’s ones pretty soon that I will post when it comes time.


I’ve been crazy busy lately on some other fun projects, lots of purses.

This purse will also be at Ambiance in SLO priced at $265:


This next one is made of front quarter horsehide, which is very soft and has a very unique rustic quality to the grain.  This is on the smaller side and would make an great small purse, its about 10″ x 8″ x 3.5″, and is fully lined will an awesome red and white striped canvas.  It is available for $195 shipped directly from me, shoot me an email at


And finally for today, we have my current personal favorite.  This next purse/ satchel is made from a very beautiful italian vegetable tanned calfskin in a very nice medium brown color, with a black chromexcel gusset and a natural horsehide strap.  It is hard to do it justice with photos, the calfskin is simply gorgeous.   This is also currently available, at $225.  It is 11″ x 8.5″ x 4″, so it would make a very decent sized purse, and it will gain a beautiful character over time, only looking better as it ages.  Again, shoot me an email if you are interested!




I will be doing a Christmas mega-post pretty soon here, because it’s almost that time.  Keep in mind that I usually have a 2-3 week wait on items, so please this year let’s get Christmas orders started early!  Shoot me an email at with questions or comments, or concerns, or just to chat.



Horween Chromexcel wallets

Just a heads up to let you all know that I am now offering some wallets that are made completely of Horween Chromexcel.  Most of my wallets up until now have been two tone, with natural calfskin insides, but I am now offering matching brown chromexcel innards in specific styles.  I’ve talked about Chromexcel before, but here’s a short catch up:

Founded in 1905, and now run by fifth-generation family members, Horween Leather is one of the oldest continuously run tanneries in the U.S., and the only one still located in Chicago. Chromexcel® is tanned using time honored techniques and formulas that were developed nearly 100 years ago. It is a nearly water proof, full grain aniline leather that is hand glazed and double tanned. The tanning process spans over 28 working days and takes 89 separate processes to complete. This process creates an amazing hide of leather that will patina like an old leather glove, breaking in beautifully, and only looking better with age.

Right now I am offering a billfold wallet, with four card slots and a large bill slot, and a three slot card holder.  If you are not familiar with Horween tannery, here is a little video about them HERE.

Swoop up a wallet by emailing me at, or head over the


New stuff




Few new things in the JAW Leather Goods world, our small leather knife roll is now available in natural as stated before, theres a little nicer photo.

Also have some new card holders becoming available for purchase.  Available in natural vegetable tanned calfskin for $39.00, and brown Chromexcel horsehide and natural calf pockets for $44.00.  Hit me up through email, they will be in the shop soon, but not yet!   Shoot me an email about custom stuff, always down for new stuff.


Keep it positive,



Video – JAW Leather Goods Knife Roll

made a little movie about the Large size JAW Leather Goods knife roll.  Check it out, share it with your friends!

Also some cool new pics:

Leather knife roll process


So a while back I took some photos to document the creation of some knife rolls, I typically make them one at a time, but this was a lot of ten total, six of them brown.  This is a very abridged version of how they are made.  I hope to have a very detailed “how its made” post soon, but this will have to suffice for now.  Anyways, enjoy!


Three small and three large knife rolls completed.

All these pieces are cut by hand, one at a time.  There are eight individual pieces cut out for each large sized knife roll.  The buckles have been attached to the straps, and hand stitched to secure before machine stitching.

Every slot is measured and marked one at a time by hand.

A small knife roll getting its inside pocket sewn in.  The thread gets backstitched three or four times, then the ends clicked and melted to keep them from unraveling.


Each knife roll gets a hell of a lot of work put into it, and I hope this helps you all appreciate the time taken to make sure everything is perfect.  Enjoy the photos, I hope to do a step by step in depth process post soon, so stay tuned!

Tote bag, knife roll

This tote is huge.  20″ across, 17″ deep.  With a big zipper pocket for keys, phone etc.  This is something I’m working on making more of, but this particular bag will be for sale at Art in the Park at the dinosaur caves in shell beach on Sunday.  Swing by and check out our booth, and all the cool local stuff.

This is a new knife roll, shipping out today.  Just thought it looked extra nice.

Keep your eyes peeled for all kinds of new stuff coming soon!


NEW knife roll

Releasing a few new things real soon.  This is the first part of a line of knife rolls in different sizes.  This is the “mini” version.  There will be an in between size, and the large size that has been around for a while.

Features a bare bones approach for pastry chefs, or travelers.  Lined with natural canvas, no strap, no buckles.  Selling for $95 on, available in black or brown.  Keep eyes peeled for a mid-sized knife roll coming soon!

Custom brown messenger

Just finished up this item for a customer.  First crack at bound edges, really happy with the turnout.

Fully canvas lined with some extra pocket space in there:

This bag is 16″X12.5″X5″ beautiful double tanned dark brown leather, and copper rivets.  This leather may not be available anymore which is a huge shame.  Glad I got to work with it while I could.