Horsehide knife roll

One of the things that I like most about leather is how many different types there are.  There are literally hundreds of different ways to achieve a preserved hide, and this allows the maker to (occasionally) have a field day trying out different leathers for different purposes. Recently I got my hands on some front quarter horsehide from Horween tannery.

Horsehide is fascinating because it falls into three distinct, and very different categories.  You have Shell cordovan, which comes from the butt and is very very dense, yet still very pliable making it excellent for shoes and assorted small leather goods like wallets and card holders.  Above the Cordovan, the hip section is a long narrow piece that is thicker than the Shells, yet not as dense.  It is a completely different leather but is fantastic for boots, wallets, even small bags.  Now when you get above the hip section of the horse, you get the “front quarters,” which are much lighter in weight, and are extremely soft and supple making it perfect leather for jackets, since it is stronger than cowhide of equal weight.   It is truly beautiful leather, and perfect for an all leather knife roll, which is something I’ve had on the back burner for a while now.

It’s not clear whether I will continue to make these, it really depends on the demand.  Let me know what you all think, and shoot me an email if you are interested in one of these.  They will be very limited for now, so swoop one up while you can!

Im working on some other new stuff as well, hoping to fill some gaps in my product line:

New stuff




Few new things in the JAW Leather Goods world, our small leather knife roll is now available in natural as stated before, theres a little nicer photo.

Also have some new card holders becoming available for purchase.  Available in natural vegetable tanned calfskin for $39.00, and brown Chromexcel horsehide and natural calf pockets for $44.00.  Hit me up through email, they will be in the shop soon, but not yet!   Shoot me an email about custom stuff, always down for new stuff.


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Video – JAW Leather Goods Knife Roll

made a little movie about the Large size JAW Leather Goods knife roll.  Check it out, share it with your friends!

Also some cool new pics:

Leather knife roll process


So a while back I took some photos to document the creation of some knife rolls, I typically make them one at a time, but this was a lot of ten total, six of them brown.  This is a very abridged version of how they are made.  I hope to have a very detailed “how its made” post soon, but this will have to suffice for now.  Anyways, enjoy!


Three small and three large knife rolls completed.

All these pieces are cut by hand, one at a time.  There are eight individual pieces cut out for each large sized knife roll.  The buckles have been attached to the straps, and hand stitched to secure before machine stitching.

Every slot is measured and marked one at a time by hand.

A small knife roll getting its inside pocket sewn in.  The thread gets backstitched three or four times, then the ends clicked and melted to keep them from unraveling.


Each knife roll gets a hell of a lot of work put into it, and I hope this helps you all appreciate the time taken to make sure everything is perfect.  Enjoy the photos, I hope to do a step by step in depth process post soon, so stay tuned!

Tote bag, knife roll

This tote is huge.  20″ across, 17″ deep.  With a big zipper pocket for keys, phone etc.  This is something I’m working on making more of, but this particular bag will be for sale at Art in the Park at the dinosaur caves in shell beach on Sunday.  Swing by and check out our booth, and all the cool local stuff.

This is a new knife roll, shipping out today.  Just thought it looked extra nice.

Keep your eyes peeled for all kinds of new stuff coming soon!


NEW knife roll

Releasing a few new things real soon.  This is the first part of a line of knife rolls in different sizes.  This is the “mini” version.  There will be an in between size, and the large size that has been around for a while.

Features a bare bones approach for pastry chefs, or travelers.  Lined with natural canvas, no strap, no buckles.  Selling for $95 on, available in black or brown.  Keep eyes peeled for a mid-sized knife roll coming soon!

Leather knife roll update

Snapped some photos of Jensen’s custom JAW knife roll in the kitchen!  After 5 months of wear, it still looks like new.

Awesome.  Also, I’ve gotten quite a few inquiries about pricing for a knife roll like this, and for one JUST like the one pictured, it would be $220 shipped in the US.  I am very flexible about doing something smaller, or larger, or a different lay out, with price adjusting accordingly.   Since this is a custom item, it is made to order, every piece is cut and every rivet set by hand for the customer, to your specifications.  I understand you can buy a top of the line knife roll for 80 dollars made of polyester, but unfortunately the leather cost alone exceeds that price point for something this size.  The difference is that this knife roll will outlast ANY roll on the market.  If you are a chef who has invested a small fortune on a set of knives, protecting them accordingly is a must.